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Above ground pools

Our company offers a Basic pool package and a Deluxe pool package! below we have listed both and what they include.

Basic pool package

Complete pool kit

wall skimmer/return kit

Overlap liner



"A" frame ladder


Wall: Poly-Lam™ coated, baked-enamel, 52" high pool wall. Corrugated steel pool wall for flexibility and vertical strength

Bolts: Tru-Lock™

Wall Closure offers a newly-designed fastening system for maximum strength, greater wall stability, and a faster, easier assembly.

Covers:6 inch 2 piece molded resin covers.Ledge:6 inch hot dipped galvanized steel ledges. Enamel painted.Verticals:5 inch hot dipped galvanized Enamel painted steel verticals.

Rails: Universal top and bottom steel rails.

Plates: Universal top and bottom steel plates.

Hardware: Galvanized hardware.

Frame and Wall

Color: Grey frame and grey wall.

Deluxe Pool package

Complete pool kit

wall skimmer/return kit

Uni bead liner

Track for liner



Floor padding


"A" frame ladder

3x3 pad for pump/filter to sit on

maintenance kit (no chemicals included)



If customers are interested in Installations we do require a picture of the back yard to get an idea of what all needs to be done to prep the ground for the customers job. Every customers yard is different we generally do not like to give quotes out with out getting some sort of idea what needs to be done. 

Our installation is all in house, we do not subcontract out other companies for our pool installs. However we do NOT do any electrical, decking, or screen enclosures. We will be more than happy to point customers in the direction of someone who we recommend you can use!


*We can provide tractor work

*We will go down up to estimated 20'' in the ground per out manufacturer before voiding the warranty.

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